Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

I'm not sure who did more hopping around over Easter weekend...the Easter Bunny, himself or our little family of three. We burned up the highway like nobody's business & stuffed as much Easter celebration into two days than one could possibly imagine.

It was an amazing weekend & I've got a whole bunch of photos to prove it...

We spent the first part of our Easter weekend back "home" with my family. My heart can't put into words what it means to see my little boy trample & stomp all over the very grounds that my feet once tracked across. And I found a smile smeared across my face as I heard Jared explaining to Jett, "This is where Momma used to play."

You should've seen the front yard of my parent's house when we pulled up into the drive--I'm talking an Easter Egg Hunt big enough for ten kids. We'd barely stepped out of the car & Jett already had a basket in one hand & a Grandma attached to the other one. A little bit of rain won't slow down a Super-Grandma & her grandson when it comes to sugar filled plastic goodness.

{Check out the size of that Easter basket. Grandma found out that Meatball's newest obsession is Mickey Mouse & she delivered. Go big or go home.}

Gone fishin'. This was Jett's very first time fishing & though he was a little apprehensive of the rocking of the boat at first, it took him all of two seconds to get the hang of things & start singing his heart out to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". And like the impressive fisherman my dad is, it took him all of two seconds before he was reeling crappie into the boat

A little pre-fishing practice run:

The real deal:

{Jett wanted no part of touching a slimy fish, but once they'd throw it back into the water, he'd exclaim, "More!"}

Apparently, my mom wasn't frightened away by Jett's mad egg dyeing skills, because she was bound & determined to see him in action for herself. I honestly didn't think it could get messier, crazier or more destructive than our last little go round'. I was wrong.  

{This picture cracks us up. We call it, "He is not here, for he is risen." }

Before we loaded back into the car for the evening, we threw in some bubble blowing & tractor rides to complete our fun filled day. 

Waking up in our own home on the holidays is a big deal to me. As much as I love visiting our families & treasure the thrill it is to see them spoil our boy, leaving lasting impressions on his little heart, I also love the memories we make at home, doing our own thing. The Easter Bunny delivers a basket of goodies to our door, he sprinkles treats all over the yard & then we rush around like crazy people, getting dressed in our Easter best for service at our own church. I love the tradition of it & I believe my children will appreciate it one day.

{Check out those full cheeks & chocolate lips. This kid takes forever to hunt eggs because he is constantly taking breaks to chow down.}

After an incredibly amazing Resurrection Sunday church service, we were back in the car, burning up the highway to visit yet another set of family members, who just so happened to be chompin' at the bit for some Easter celebrating. Meatball was greeted with hugs, kisses & Easter basket after Easter basket after Easter basket. The kid is deprived, I tell ya.

We joked that Jett is going to be in a world of hurt when he attends an egg hunt where the whole yard full of eggs isn't solely for him. 

Coach fixed up the old club house that Jared used to play in as a little boy & he & Meatball spent the bulk of the day climbing up into it & tossing plastic eggs out of it. Between the two of them, I'm not sure who had more fun!

It was one jam packed Easter weekend & at the end of all of it, both our Easter baskets & our hearts were overflowing.

And stay tuned...because it's not over just yet! This weekend we'll be jumping in the car for one last Easter hoo-rah at my Aunt Elaine's farm. I suppose we can fit a little bit more Easter joy into those overflowing baskets of ours.


  1. looks like a fabulous weekend!!!! Londyn saw Jett and said, "Pax?" and I told her, no that's not Pax, that's Jett. And she responded with "Jett?" and then she saw the eggs and said "OOOO Jett!" hahahaha.

  2. My husband would be so jealous of your fishing excursion. He is aching to take Belle.

    I love the family shot from Easter Sunday. You guys are so cute!