Monday, April 2, 2012

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's On It's Way

We survived the weekend! Jared's chipmunk look is fading, Jett's flow of snot has trickled off to an inconsistent drip & the bug I seemed to have caught over the weekend is certainly cramping my style, but is most definitely not going to stand in the way of me carrying out some favorite Easter traditions with my own family.

We kicked off our Easter festivities with a little egg coloring over the weekend.

Talk about an adventure.

Focused, intense, determined...yes.

Delicate, gentle, careful...not so much.

See that little face up there? That's his "I'm gonna smush this orange egg" face.

This kid slam dunked those crisp, white eggs into dye filled coffee mugs. He slathered those perfect oval canvases with swirls of paint. And he even poked holes & smushed our tiny masterpieces between his chubby little fists.

After realizing my guiding & directing of "be gentle", "be careful" "watch how Mommy & Daddy do it" wasn't going to phase my wild child, I smothered my urge to intervene & force him to color Easter eggs the right way & simply sat back to let him color Easter eggs his way.

 There's Jared's finger...trying to guide him along {he had a hard time watching eggshells crack & dye splatter all over the place, as well. Two perfectionist parents...oh boy, this kid is in trouble}. Meatball wasn't having a single bit of our bossing. 

Little man got after it. He kerplunked those eggs like he was born to kerplunk eggs, never questioning if he was coloring them the right way or not. He'd pull one out, look it over & then quickly dunk it back into a different color.

He glided his paint brush over the eggs {& himself}, never doubting his artistic abilities for a second.

And at the end of our adventurous egg dying evening, when I looked around at what I believed to be nothing more than one gigantic mess--mushy, cracked eggs, with their insides spilling out, egg dye splatters from here to Guam, little toddler hands that I couldn't be too sure we'd ever get the stain out of, it was then that I heard the sweetest little sound a momma's ears could ever hear...


My Jett Jett wanted to color more eggs. My Jett Jett wanted more of this little tradition we had just carried out.

Right there is the moment when it all becomes crystal clear.

As a momma, I don't boil the eggs, fill up the cups with a rainbow of pastel colors, gather my tiniest paint brushes, lay out the tablecloth & make sure the camera has a full charge so at the end of it all we can sit & stare at our beautifully crafted Easter eggs.

I do all of the above so that at the end of it all, sweet memories are made, lifelong traditions are carried out & a little boy walks away with a full heart--a little boy who is left wanting more.

Well little buddy, you're in luck because there just so happens to be a lot more where that came from. We've got so much fun planned & we can't wait to carry out all the many Easter traditions that you'll get to carry with you forever!

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way!

Have a happy week, friends!

{Come back Wednesday--I've been working on a little Spring craft & I can't wait to share it with you!}


  1. I can't wait until my Gus is old enough to dye eggs. He'll just have to watch this year, although I had to go ahead and get him a really cute Easter basket for all his future hunting :)

  2. So cute Holly! I am so glad the traditions have started! It's so fun! Love the new monthly cover photo. :-)