Friday, April 13, 2012

Preggo Happenings: 33 Weeks

Do I look like I'm in my 19th trimester or what?

Geez, I feel so huge. I have no idea how in the world this belly of mine is going to stretch for another six weeks. 

Here are a few of my Preggo Happenings at the moment:

* We have our C-Section date scheduled! Woo Hoo! Many of you have asked why I am having a c-section this time around & there are a couple of reasons--1) Jett weighed 9 pounds, 10 ounces & 2) During the birthing process of pushing with all my might, I suffered severe nerve damage {the worst my doctor has ever seen} in my right leg. I could not walk, drive, go up or down stairs for nearly three months & my neurologist was not sure if my nerves would ever rehabilitate in that leg. It was a horrible, scary, dark time in our lives {one of these days I'll share all the details} & I can't bear the thought of going through it again. My doctor & neurologist believe that there is risk that it could happen again, so we are opting for a c-section.

* The nursery is painted! Remember that perfect paint color I chose four weeks ago? Talk about a NIGHTMARE! The paint code was wrong & the store could not get it right so I have spent the last twenty-eight days stressing over a new one. Finally, after a big fight with Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, a gazillion trips to the paint store & about ten sample colors later, a custom color was created & mixed for me. It is on the walls. It is beautiful. It is exactly what I had in mind from day one. Can I get a Hallelujah?!  

* The puking has stopped {for now}. The gagging continues.

* I got my first charlie horse this morning. It woke me up out of a dead sleep & I laid there gritting my teeth & writhing in pain, trying to keep silent so I wouldn't wake Jett.  I got them all the time when I was pregnant with Jett--always in the middle of the night & Jared would always calm me down & talk me through them. Today when that nasty little pregnancy symptom hit,  Jared had already left for work so I found myself repeating all the things he would say to me "Relax your muscle." "Stay calm." "Breathe". Whadda ya know? I survived. Man, those things are a real drag. My calf is still sore this evening.

* "Momma fat." Straight out of the mouth of my babe. It's all my fault that he said it & I'm ashamed that I'm the one he picked it up from. Every once in awhile when I'm frustrated that he's wanting to climb all over me or wanting me to lift him while I've got my hands full, or not paying attention while I'm putting his shoes on {making it take twice as long}, without any thought I'll say, "Jett, Momma's fat. I'm tired. C'mon...just work with me." Well the other day as we were putting on our shoes, me knelt over, more than likely grunting trying to get mine on, he pipes up with "Momma fat." I was mortified. And so, so sad--not because he had called me fat {he hasn't even the slightest what the word means}, but because it was my mouth that taught him such a demeaning, rotten, mean word. Talk about a gut check. No more fat momma talk around here.

*  My hips don't lie--but they sure do hurt. My hips are absolutely killing me! I don't know if it's because of the way I'm carrying this little girl {my hips never hurt while pregnant with Jett}, but I walk around like a little old woman half the time, looking like I need a hip replacement or a walker with tennis balls on the feet {you know, now that I think of it, that's not a half bad idea...}.

* Little Miss Thang is most definitely still a mover & a shaker, often times keeping me up all hours of the night, but I can tell now that she is running out of room in there. Her movements are more like thumps & twists rather than the crazy kicks & high knees she was bustin' out just weeks ago. She's still feisty, alright & every time she gets hyped up, I find myself getting nervous about the crazy nights I foresee once she joins us in the real world.

It is so incredibly surreal to me that in just a matter of weeks, I will be a mother of two. In six short weeks {at the most}  our family will be changed forever & these moments that we have right now before us will never look the same again. I am excited, nervous, elated & terrified, all in one. I have so many emotions & thoughts buzzing through me & one of these days here soon, when the time is right, I'll open up & share about some of them.

Until then, I've got a pile of pink clothing that needs laundered in Dreft. I've got nursery nesting & organizing that needs tending to, I've got bins of bottles & binkies that need sorting through & I've got a little boy that needs some extra snuggle time on his momma's lap {or what's left of a lap, anyhow}.  

This 33 week preggo momma has her work cut out for her.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. aw! well, you might be miserable, but you look gorgeous!

    you can make it....the last few weeks are the worst, in my opinion. i remember everyone telling me "just wait, you'll miss this time when that baby comes out and you aren't sleeping"

    i NEVER thought that....i was always so happy to not be pregnant and miserable anymore. just wait, the horribleness will be over soon!

  2. Yay!!! Cannot wait to see this PERFECT paint color, am so happy you finalky found it!

  3. The faster you can stand on a charlie horse and walk it off the faster it goes away and you are not nearly as sore for t he next few days...

  4. You are so cute, and I know that you are going to have the cutest little girl! I hope these next few weeks go by quickly for you so you will feel better. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for some blog awards on my blog!

  5. LOVE it Holly! You are beautiful inside and out! :-)