Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Springtime Craft {Herb Pots}

Say hello to my little Springtime craft:

I have been feeling it for quite some time now. That urge, that itch, that tugging towards my craft room. I've caught myself daydreaming of Hobby Lobby & Michael's. I've been fantasizing about polka dot ribbons & pastel paints. My biggest pregnancy craving as of yet has been my craving for some good, quality craft time.  

{All of you crafty crafters out there totally get what I'm saying. You know the feeling when too much time has passed by & you can't resist the pull anymore to simply shut life down for a few hours & get your craft on. Am I right? Yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And the rest of you...well, you're probably just thinking I'm nuts.}

Between the beautiful Spring weather we've spent every free moment slurping up, the Spring cleaning that has kept me busy during Jett's nap times & all the preparing for baby girl that's been going on, craft time for me has become non existent for quite some time now. 

And it's been buggin' me. 

The other day, while I was Spring cleaning my craft room, I caved. My eyes began darting around the room & I could no longer resist the urge to throw all my responsibilities into the breezy day & get lost in a craft. 

{Hi there. My name is Holly & I'm a craftaholic.}  

I rummaged through piles of fabric & I scoured through stacks of scrapbook papers, my mind doing whirlybirds, trying to decide on something I could whip up real quick that wouldn't leave me feeling too guilty about sidestepping my to-do list & indulging in a weak moment.

After giving it a little more thought, I decided my own inventory of fabrics & scrapbook papers just wouldn't do. So I loaded Jett into the car & off we flew to... you guessed it...Hobby Lobby & Michaels.

Some terra-cotta pots, a few fun paint colors, some bright, cheery ribbon & just an hour or so of time {not including paint drying time} & whadda ya know? I had whipped up one adorable little Springtime craft.

The fact that we will have some fresh herbs for the season is an added little bonus {assuming I can keep the little boogers alive. I never claimed to have a green thumb...just a crafty one}.

Here's a little step by step I put together in case you want to try out your crafty thumb, as well.


My original plan was to use a chalkboard pen to label my herb pots {hence, why I spraypainted them with Chalkboard paint}. I changed my mind, though & went with a regular paint pen {since they will be siting outside, I didn't want to have to keep re-writing the labels if the rain decided to come & wash the chalkboard pen away}.  

The ribbons came from Hobby Lobby. {The bunting ribbon & turquoise ribbon were found in the scrapbook accessory section, not the ribbon section.}

The cute little rosettes came from Michaels. {They came in a package of three & happened to be the perfect colors for my project.}

Herbs came from the River Market. {Some of our local nurseries haven't gotten all of their herb starter plants in just yet, so I checked the River Market & they had everything.}

I absolutely love these little herb pots. They bring the perfect pop of color to our back deck & every time I glance out to see them sitting there, I get a little taste of Spring in my day.

And the best part--my crazy, crafting craving has been satisfied for the time being!

Happy Hump Day!

Now, go get your craft on!