Tuesday, May 29, 2012

home sweet home

Ahhh, the saying couldn't be more true--there's no place like home.

After checking out of the hospital Saturday morning & a quick stop by Walgreens to drop off prescriptions, Jared, myself & sweet little Lulla were eager to get home & begin our journey as a family of four.

Getting all dressed up in her coming home gown

That squishy face--love it!

All ready to go home

It was the sweetest homecoming ever--a little boy who met us at the top of the stairs & jumped into our arms, exclaiming "Baby home!", a tidy home, a hot lunch simmering in the crock pot & a homemade cake with the perfect little finger swipe through the center of it {I appreciated that Jett tried it out first, just to make sure it was indeed delicious}.

Jett showed more interest in Lulla than he had all four days visiting us the hospital. He showered her with kisses & asked again & again, "I hold it?" He proudly puffed up with pride when we'd ask what his little sissy's name is & would respond, "Wulla Cake". And while I know he had the very best time spending his week with Gigi, I could tell the moment we walked in the door that he felt complete. We all felt complete.

I wanted to get a few photos of Lulla in her beautiful homecoming gown--she was NOT going for it.

We've spent the past few days just settling in. Our days & nights are all mixed up {as they should be with a newborn in the house}, we're juggling two kiddos' schedules, sterilizing bottles & binkies, spending lots of time in our jammies, cuddling a toddler, snuggling a roly-poly squishy baby & enjoying made-from-scratch meals that friends are dropping by. It has been an amazing few days at home & we are absolutely relishing in this precious time. 

At 2 am, as I stumbled into the kitchen to prepare a bottle for my shift {Jared & I are splitting the nighttime feedings}, this little note from my hubby brought the biggest smile to my face. 

The adorable {& delicious} chicken pot pie my sweet friend brought us for dinner

Before I sign off & head to bed, I just want to take a quick moment to thank my mother in law for being here to make our homecoming one that we will remember forever. Your little touches on the day & the work you put into making our home so welcoming after returning from a five day hospital stay meant so much to us & we are so very thankful for all that you did to help us out! THANK YOU! We love you.

Well friends, I've got to squeeze in a couple hours of sleep before the princess wakes up for her next feeding! I'll be back as soon as I can.

Have a happy week!


  1. Aww, I miss those baby snuggles on your chest. She is beautiful and it looks like Jett is in awe of his baby sister. That note between you and your husband is the sweetest. :)

  2. Holly enjoy this! They grow up so fast and reading all of this brought tears to my eyes! I remember when I had a 2 yr old and little squishy baby! I now have a 5 and 7 yr old that like to either be fighting w eachother or their momma! I know deep down inside they love eachother unconditionally and that can be shown when one or both of them is in fear or trouble! Good luck and lots and lots of love to u all! Its not going to be easy or always fun.. but at night u can always kiss them goodnight and know u r a great momma! Love u!

  3. I love reading "your happenings of your home". Treasure the moments. They do slip by before you know it. Sherri Phillips

  4. How how sweet is your blog! PRECIOUS!
    You have an absolutely GORGEOUS family!
    One question.....just how in the world were you SO BEAUTIFUL after
    just having a baby!!! Jealous! ;)
    Take Care of them sweet sweet babies!
    ~Carrie (Emmi Loo's Designs)