Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Homestretch { 37 Weeks}

There's something so exciting about being in the homestretch of pregnancy--knowing it could happen any day, any hour, any moment. Startling at every little pain or strike that fires through that growing rounder-by-the day-belly, questioning, Is this it? Could it be time? Being so close to knowing the little soul, to meeting for the first time the wiggly one who is snuggled up ever so contently inside a momma who dreamed of that tiny life before it ever became a reality. 

The fact that the only thing separating me from knowing my little girl, from locking eyes with her for the first time, being able to trace her tiny features, smelling the brand newness of her freshly bathed newborn skin, cradling her in the crook of my arm, feeling that pa- pum of her heart beating as she lay snuggled on the top of my chest, are merely layers of skin on my belly & a small amount of time.  

Whether it be days, hours, or merely seconds, we're so close to meeting our child. And I can almost taste it.

My doctor's appointments are weekly at this point. Every Thursday, we all schlep downtown & into my OBGYN's office to catch a glimpse into the world of our Jumping Bean.

Here's the latest & greatest:

* "Not measuring scrawny" & "Stout" were just a couple of the phrases thrown around by my doctor at last week's appointment. Looks like we're gonna have another biggin' on our hands! How in the world I grow children this large is far beyond me. Seriously, you should have seen the cheeks on this little gal. Even over ultrasound we could tell she's got some chubby little cheekers goin' on. All the better for smooching, if you ask me! 

* Also at last week's appointment, we found out that Little Miss Thang was in the breech position. {Ahhh, so that's why my bladder & other girl parts have been getting pelted by ninja kicks}. But in true girl fashion, she went & changed her mind on us & this week decided to do a little switcheroo into the head down position. I can't say that I blame the girl--I mean, she's gotta test out all her options before she decides how she'll make her way into this world. After all, it's not every day you make your grand entrance into this life, you know?  It's kind of a big deal.

* Visions of barrettes, hair bows & pigtails are dancing in my head after today's ultrasound peek. While our doctor glided an ultrasound wand over my jelly covered belly, skimming all of Jumping Bean's little features--her heart & spine & round little head, he stopped dead in his tracks & exclaimed, "She's got hair! Oh, & there's some more! This one's definitely not a baldy. Did your son have hair?" I thought it was pretty cute that my doctor was getting so excited over her locks & to answer his question, yes--Jett did have hair. Not a full head full, but he was never a bald baby, either. We'll see if Sissy comes out with the same. A part of me can't stop thinking about that dream I had waaaaay back when.  

* Perks of pregnancy: Naps & ice cream. 
My doctor informed me that I need to rest as much as possible in these last few weeks. So every day around 1:30 in the afternoon, Meatball & I draw the curtains, slip into our cool, crisp sheets & take ourselves an hour & a half snooze--doctor's orders! Every time my mind begins to wander & feel the pressures of all the things I should be accomplishing during those heavenly nap time slots, I remind myself that once I've got two kiddos to juggle, I may never get another nap for as long as I live. I tend to sleep really well after pondering that thought for a moment. 

And every night, once the little guy goes to bed, my hubby dishes up the biggest bowl of cookies & cream ice cream you've ever seen & this momma throws down. I know my butt is going to be super ticked off at me once it sees the aftermath of those gallons of ice cream, but we'll just cross that bridge when we have to. For now, bring. it. on.

* I'm huge. I'm waddling. I am no longer in that Oh look how cute she is pregnant phase, but have crossed over to the Dear Lord honey, when are you having that baby?! Trust me, the sweet little ladies at the Lancome counter don't hide how they really feel. C'mon now, can't a girl pick out some bright, new, peppy, pink lipgloss without walking out of the store feeling like a whale? Oh well. Here's to hoping that bright, new, peppy, pink lipgloss will do a little distracting & take some of the focus off of my humongous-ness. 

* Jett is getting more & more excited as the days go on--he totally gets that his baby Sissy is on her way. My heart skips beats & melts & puddles all day long as I watch his little wheels turn & process this life event in his own way.  I'll expand on this in a full fledged Big Brother post in the near future. It is far too precious to not have complete documentation. Stay tuned for that one.

* We're packing up hospital bags, lining up grandparents to take care of our Jett Jett, creating hospital favors, choosing Big Brother/Little Sister gifts & filling out hospital pre-registration forms. 

Homestretch, baby.

Oh, & how could I forget?!?! The nursery!

I may be revealing it here on the blog tomorrow--the perfect cream color, the splashes of pink, the coming home outfit--it's time to pull back the curtain & show it off. Maybe. If you're good. 

{That's for all you hags who called me a "tease" on facebook--haha!}

So come back tomorrow--you might be in for a treat!


  1. Hopping over from Kelly's Korner... I'm a KC Mama as well, love your blog!

    Can't wait to follow your journey as you become a Mom to two... it is wild but SO FUN!

    And you look incredible. :)

    1. Hi Megan! Thanks for stopping by my blog--& for the sweet compliments! I am definitely bracing myself for the wild ride that lies ahead! I'm looking forward to reading your blog--your little boys are darling!

  2. Hi Holly!

    I found you through KK link up! I live in the KC area too and am a mama to two young boys. You are just glowing with your second pregnancy. Won't be long now!

    Nice to "meet" you :)

    1. Hi Molly! It's nice to "meet" you too! I am so looking forward to sitting with a cup of coffee & diving into your blog. I barely skimmed a couple of posts of yours today & I am dying to read are an honest soul & I love that. Thanks for saying hello! =)

  3. Hi Holly! I as well am visiting you from Kelly's Korner and live in KC! You have a beautiful family! And ditto to what Megan and Molly said, you have a beautiful glow! Great to "meet" you :)

    1. Hi Kelli! Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's nice to "meet" you as well =) I love your pure heart for the Lord--can't wait to get to know you better!

  4. Fun to follow a mommy and pregnancy blog, because my daughter is pregnant too. You have great taste!

    1. Thank you so much, Sammy! Congratulations on the pregnancy of your daughter--such fun times!

  5. Evie was also breach until 36 weeks. When she flipped I thought I was going in to labor.

    I wish people would watch what they say. When you see a pregnant woman you should either say "you look great", "congrats"... or just jeep your mouth shut!

    By the way (and I sincerely mean this)... you look beautiful!!!

    1. Sunni--you are so sweet! I always read your comments to my husband because they really do make me smile =) Oh my goodness, when she "flipped" from her breech position, my belly looked so deformed! Ahhh--weird! I'm hoping she stays put now =)