Saturday, June 16, 2012

Big Brother

From the moment our little Lulla girl slipped into this world, she's had a big brother that is simply over the moon about her.

Oh, how he adores her.

You can never be sure how a two year old boy is going to respond to a tiny little sister coming in & shaking things up in his world. There was a part of me that got a little anxious wondering how he would take to a new member of the family--would he be jealous? Would he act out? What if he wanted nothing to do with her? Would he felt jipped or slighted, unloved or less important?

But yet again, my sweet Jett Jett has me asking myself the question, How in the world did I ever get so lucky with this little boy?

Now I'm not saying he doesn't have his days--he throws tantrums, he hits other kids, he shouts "Mine!" to anyone who even glances at his stuff. He's a two year old--& he acts as such.  But I truly believe this kid has a heart of pure gold--especially when it comes to a certain little girl.

The moment he laid eyes on Lulla, he just wanted to love her. Since the day of her birth {I can't believe it's been three weeks already}, he has shown nothing but an outpouring of love, gentleness & pure adoration towards her.

He's never shown one ounce of jealousy. He's never pushed her away. He's never acted uninterested in her. And he's never begged to send her back to the hospital {like I did when my little brother came home & cramped my style}. 

Instead, he has welcomed her into this family with arms wide open. He asks what he can do to help Momma, whether it be tossing an empty bottle into the sink or throwing a tiny diaper into the trash. He helps put socks on her little feet & reminds me that she will scratch her face if she's not wearing her boxing gloves {that's what we call her little hand mittens}.

Not a day goes by that he doesn't ask at least once, "I hold it?".  And I can't help but swell with pride {& grab my camera} when I see the that little smirk turn up on the corner of his mouth as he gently snuggles her in his arms.

She's the first person he asks about when I go in to get him out of his bed in the morning. And come evening time, it's little sister who gets the first of the bedtime kisses.

It's an amazing experience, watching your children form a relationship--even as early as three weeks into it. But sure enough, it's already there--it's forming, it's blooming, it's growing. Each & every single day I am catching glimpses of a relationship that is beginning & one that only these two souls will every truly know the depths of. I believe in my heart that what Jared & I gave to both Jett & Lulla--a sibling--is one of the best gifts we could ever give to them. Their lives will be better because they get to share it with one another.

I know that one day down the road, these two are gonna duke it out. It won't always be hugs & kisses, snuggles & love. He'll get mad 'cause she's messed with his stuff & she'll get her feelings hurt because he's called her name.

But at the end of the day, I know there's a love between these two with roots that have grown deep. I know that even though they'll drive each other absolutely nuts sometimes, that they would be lost without the other. I know that they will share something that only the two of them will ever truly understand. 

I know it because I'm witnessing the beginnings of it happening right now.

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