Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{happy} happenings

Shoo-wee! It's busy around here. My life has been overtaken by tiny baby jammie snaps, loads upon loads of teensy baby clothing, poop-up-the-back diaper blowouts, scarfing my lunch in two bites {on the days I'm lucky enough to eat a lunch} & nights that include a slew of events, but unfortunately sleeping has yet to be amongst that list of events. 

But hey, we're surviving. And in between the surviving, we're even managing to have a whole lot of fun with the new set-up we've got going on.

Here's a few of our latest {happy} happenings:

 Chasing Daddyboy with the waterhose.

 Check out the ornery smeared all over Jett's face--a tried & true 'Denace the Menace'

 Momma & Lulla decided to stay out of the water fight & just snuggle. 

Oh, how I love this angel baby

 Sportin' our green & blue stained tongues after a summer evening trip to Tropical Sno

Water day in the backyard--talk about a great family Saturday

 Afternoon photo shoots. This is my attempt at keeping Miss Lulla Beans awake during the day {in hopes for a three hour stretch of sleep at night}

Our happenings of late have been pretty simple. We're adjusting. We're slowin' things down. We're taking it one day at a time.

And by doing so, we've had ourselves some pretty darn good {happy} happenings.

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