Friday, June 1, 2012

Lulla's First Bath

The only thing sweeter than a brand new baby... a brand new baby who's just had a bath.

After her very first sponge bath at home, my little Lulla Bean is a sweet smelling little lump of sugar.

I love Jett's sweet face in the background.

After just a little bit of flailing, little sister kicked back, relaxed & enjoyed her bath to the nth degree.

 Why hello there, scrumptious little arm rolls. 

Be still my soul.

Big brother desires so greatly to be involved in little sister's daily activities & we try our best to include him in everything. So far he has shown nothing but pure love to her & the only little bout of jealousy we've seen is when Lulla was fussing & I said to her "Oh, tell Momma". Jett overheard, spun around & spouted off, "That's Jett's momma." He continues to check in with both Jared & I a couple of times a day, asking "Jett's Momma?" & "Jett's Daddy?" We simply reassure him we're his. We'll always be his. He's figuring out that we've got more love than we know what to do with & there's plenty of room in our hearts for him & his little sister.

We've watched Jett's love for Lulla grow daily. With every day that passes, he showers her with more & more kisses, talks sweetly to her, shows interest in her & the other day I glanced in the backseat to see his hand grasping her tiny little fist in his. Pure preciousness.

I have a picture of Jett & his first sponge bath that is identical to this one. I'm thinking they would look pretty adorable hanging in the guest bath...

All bundled & ready to slip into some warm, cozy, footie jammies

Mmmm, delicious.


  1. We had a family BBQ last weekend and met an old family friend named Lulla! She's an older woman in her 80's and she was darling.

    Your Lulla is such a beauty! I am loving these post. (And getting super excited about our next little lady.)

    1. Sunni--I LOVE that you met another Lulla! Since Lulla has been born, I've heard of two other Lulla's--both much older ladies. I love that the name I believed to be new & unique has in fact turned out to be old & timeless! Thank you for sharing that! And thank you for your many sweet comments! I am so excited to see your sweet little lady here soon! =)