Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{Saturday Morning} Dream Come True

Saturday morning I looked over at Jared as we lay in our jammies, two kiddos sandwiched between us, cereal crumbs sprinkled in our sheets, a background noise of Saturday morning cartoons & I said to him, "Remember when we used to dream of this--of one day having a bed full of babies on Saturday mornings?" A smile stretched across his face, "Yeah. Yeah, I do."

It's true. It's one thing we've talked about since the day we got married--these kinds of Saturday mornings. Where kiddos come busting in our room at the crack of dawn, jump into bed with us & snuggle til noon. We sip our coffee. They crunch on dry cereal. 

Our first Saturday morning at home as an expanded family, we curled up together & stayed in bed til eleven o' clock. Jett ate Lucky Charms {& only dumped the bowl twice}. Lulla dozed in & out of a newborn slumber. 

And Jared & me? We drank in every single drop of our {Saturday morning} dream come true.

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