Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth Of July {In Photos}

We had a lovely Fourth. It was simple & basic, yet overflowing with all that an Independence day should be filled to the brim with--a surround sound of snaps & pops, food cooked on a charcoal grill, an American flag waving in the humid filled July air, family members to laugh with, a blanket thrown underneath a color-bursting sky & babies decked out in red, white & blue.

Here's our Fourth of July in photos:

 Off to the fireworks tent to get stocked up on explosives. Jett carefully chose an assortment of smoke bombs, black snakes, snaps, jumping jacks, parachutes & sparklers--all the kid essentials.

My annual, {actually it's not mine--I just borrow it from Pioneer Woman} made from scratch, fully loaded Fourth Of July cake. I always consider making something new {dessert wise} for the Fourth, but I never can seem to bring myself to do it. This cake is absolutely AMAZING & is always a crowd pleaser. Why go & mess with a good thing, right?

Daddyboy & Momma snuggling our little American beauty

 Boys will be boys

Some Uncle Kyle & Auntie Aubry lovin' 

Pulling our sweet babies in tight, thanking God for the blessing of their little lives & for the beautiful country we proudly raise them in

 Once the big fireworks show was underway, Jett sat in his kid-sized Mickey folding chair, still as a soldier, uttering "Oh wow!" to the displays he found to be especially exciting, while Lulla snoozed, not even flinching at the sonic booms that filled the night


I apologize that 'happenings of our home' hasn't been very happening lately. Between the sleepless nights & Acid Reflux battles, my mind has been one big muddled mess. I promise I'll kick it into gear & get back to my ramblings once I get rested up. Until then, bare with me! 

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