Monday, July 16, 2012

Lovable Lulla

Lulla, sweet Lulla, 
How do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways.

* I love when people lay eyes you--friends, family & strangers alike, they can't help but comment on how incredibly beautiful you are. It's true--you really are one beautiful little baby girl.

* I love the way you sleep, with your little fist always curled up by your face--sometimes it's tucked under your chin, sometimes next to your cheek, but it's always there, looking like someone came along & posed it there for a photo.

* I love when it's me you want--how when someone else is holding you & you begin to fuss & stew, it's me that can come along, scoop you up & settle you into a perfect state of contentment.

* I love that sad little bottom lip that pokes out long before a cry is ever worked up. You've been poking that lip out since before you were born {I have the 3D ultrasound pics & video to prove it} & you've already learned it's a sure fire way to melt my heart into a puddle.

* I love how only your Daddy's voice can calm you when you're smack dab in the middle of a top of the lungs wail {usually after your bath when I'm putting your lotion on you}. I can shush & sing & baby talk to you until I'm blue in the face & then Daddy walks in, bends down close so you can hear him, utters off a "Hi pretty girl" & just like magic, you're soothed & back to the easy going baby we know.

* I love your little milk mouth after you've just finished a bottle. As you are drifting off into a milky state of drunkenness, I pull the bottle from your lips & you lay there, cradled in my arms,  mouth open, tongue just barely peeking out, milk covering those sweet lips. It makes your Daddy & I laugh every single time.

* The arm rolls. Oh, how I love the arm rolls. Even though you came into this world as a teensy, tiny little thing, you came sporting the most delicious arm rolls. They cascade down your arms & I check every single day to make sure they are still there. Don't go thinning out on me, sister. 

* I love that you recognize us--Daddy, Jett & me. You hear our voices & turn your head in our direction. You smile at just the sound of our voices, before ever laying eyes on us. And you light up & get those little feet & arms pumping when you finally do catch us in your eyesight. We are your family, the three people who are absolutely smitten with you & to know you already realize exactly who we are makes my heart burst.

* I love your little grunts. Not the acid reflux grunts--thankfully those have been taken care of & are long gone. I'm talking about the grunts that take place just before you drift off into dreamland. You twist & turn, nestle & nuzzle, grunting until you find the perfect spot to catch your peaceful zzzzz's.

* I love our morning visits. You're the first one up & it's those early morning hours that I find you are the happiest. When the rest of the house is still snoozing, you & I, we have quite the girl talk. You lay on your changing table while I put you in a fresh diaper & a new outfit & we chat about all sorts of things. Your little eyebrows get to dancin', your mouth moves in every which direction & then finally, you work & work until you belt out a little screech or gurgle. It is certainly the best start to a day.

* I love holding you. If holding a baby can spoil them, then let me tell you--you're going be the most spoiled rottenest little baby around. I don't know what it is, but I just can't get enough of you. It's been like that from day one. You are so snuggly, so squishy, so little & cuddly & I could dream away the day with you snug as a bug on my chest. 

* I love being your momma. There isn't another soul in this world who is in love with you more than I am. You swooped into our lives & you've stolen the show & my heart. Everyday I love more & more about you & find more & more that I just can't live without.

You are my Lovable Lulla & I am so in love with you.


  1. She is such a blessing! I love her so much and am thankful that you are capturing these moments in her life. They will be treasured forever. Thank you Pippa for all that you do for our family. The three of us are so very lucky!!

    I love you very much!!

  2. what a sweetie pie! love these pics :)