Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lulla Cate {Two Months Old}

Look who's two months old!

{Actually, she's been two months old for a couple of weeks now. I'm a little late on this post. Better late than never, right?}

Nope...I'm not having a bit of fun dressing this little girl up.

First let me start off by telling you about her two month check-up. The moment we walked in, our little Lulla girl stole the show. She was dressed in ruffles & frills & my goodness, those nurses done went & lost their minds over her. Seriously, they oooh'd & ahhhh'd & called every nurse out of her station to come over & check out our little miss priss. Even our pediatrician {a big, tall, father of four boys} came walking in all curious as to what the fuss was about. This momma wasn't proud or anything *wink*. Oh & the pretty, foo foo outfit everyone was making a big hoopla over? Yeah well, she pooped all over it two seconds after the crowd walked away. At least she waited til' the crowd cleared.

Lulla put on quite the little show while Dr. Moylan examined her--she cooed & grinned, showed off how quick she can kick her chunky legs & how strong that little neck of hers is. She weighed in at a whopping 11.2 pounds & all of her stats fell in the 50th% range. Dr. Moylan called her "perfect" {which we already knew} & Miss Lulla was having herself a grand ol' time being the star of the show.

Until...{duh..duh...duh...} those darn dreaded shots.

Like most mommas, I have a hard time when it comes time for shots. That's where Daddyboy comes to the rescue. Jared stood next to Lulla, holding her little hands, talking softly next to her ear, while I curled in a corner, eyes squinted, ears plugged, tears festering. See how well I do when my kiddos are in pain? 

And let me tell ya, I'm not the only one who has a hard time with those shots. Lulla Cate had herself a full fledged hissyfit. I am so used to Jett, who immediately stopped crying after he was scooped up & safe in our arms, but whoa buddy, our little girl let us have it. And she didn't quit letting us having it for a good twenty minutes after the fact. She cried & cried & once she would stop crying, she then would do the little catching her breath thing {that breaks my heart}, & would burst into tears all over again. All of this was complete with a fat bottom lip poking out the entire time, as well.  Little sister hates her some shots. Poor baby.

We spent the rest of the day administering doses of Tylenol & snuggling up together in our comfy chair at home. This seemed to be the remedy we both were needing after those blasted vaccinations. 

So now that you know how the two month check up went down, let me fill you in on a few other things our sweet girl has been up to at TWO MONTHS.

Girlfriend loves her bath time. In fact, the very second she hears running water, she falls into a state of relaxation. She sometimes gives me a little sass when I wash her face with the cloth or when water drips from her hair into her face, but other than that, bath time has proven to be one of her favorite parts of the day.  

She's sleeping through the night!!! {Sorry grammar police. I thought long & hard about whether the use of three exclamation points is necessary here, & I have come to the conclusion that indeed, all three of them are a must.} 
She usually has her last bottle for the evening between 9 & 11p.m. & then she hits the sack until 6:30-8 a.m. Oh the difference a full nights sleep makes in this household! 

Right around five weeks old, we found out Lulla has Acid Reflux. Thankfully, it isn't the reflux that brings along with it gallons upon gallons of puke {In fact, I have never in my life been around a baby who spits up as little as Lulla--I can actually count on one hand the times she has spit up. Crazy, I know.} Instead, her reflux consisted of horribly acidic stools which would burn the fire out of her booty, increased fussiness, gagging as if something was coming up her esophagus & grunting--grunting that would last all. night. long. because she simply could not get comfortable. Thankfully our pediatrician diagnosed it quick, put her a prescription of Zantac & our sweet baby was back to her content self. 

Because of her Acid Reflux, we have found that sleeping flat on her back is not an option for her. So we have kicked the bassinet out of our bedroom & hauled in the baby swing, instead. That's right, she sleeps in her swing. I have to be honest, I am petrified that she will never transition to her crib after this, but our pediatrician has advised us to do what works at this point. And sleeping in the baby swing, works. We'll cross the sleeping in the crib bridge when the time comes, I suppose.

She is every ounce of girl. Know how I know? She loves to talk! She's got stuff to say & she isn't shy about doing so. She'll give us a few great big million dollar grins to lure us in, but then she gets down to business--telling us all that's on her mind.

This chick is a 100%, bona fide, Daddy's girl. She is smitten with her daddy. Her eyes follow him when he walks away, she calms at just the sound of his voice & when he walks in the door at night, if he doesn't show her attention as soon as she would like, out pops that bottom lip & her little heart breaks. Oh, how she loves her Daddy. And you oughtta see how over the moon that Daddy of hers is about her {that's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day}. It's so very true, there's just something about a Daddy & his girl.

She's still a mover & a shaker. When my dad comes to visit & is holding her, he always chuckles about how wiggly she is. She's been a wiggle worm since I was pregnant & the only time she sits still is when she's sound asleep. She has even rolled from her tummy to her back several times. This little girl has places to go, people to see! 

It's amazing to me that two months of her life has already whizzed right on by.

Even more amazing to me is the fact that we ever lived life without this darling little girl. She is the perfect fit for our family...our lives... & our hearts & every single day she sinks more & more comfortable into her very own spot in our worlds.

We love us some two month old Lulla Cate.

This post is written solely for the purpose of capturing my little girl's life at the tender age of two months. It is not, however, an invitation to suggest to me how I should be parenting my babies. If you don't choose to formula feed, congratulations--here's a gold star. If you don't choose to vaccinate, congratulations--have another gold star. If you don't believe in prescription drugs given to babies--you guessed it, another gold star. I am an educated woman, a mother who loves her children to the ends of this earth & back & I know in my heart I am doing what is right for my family. I would never push my own beliefs on you & I would appreciate if you would have the same respect for me. Thank you.


  1. I love reading about your beautiful family! Adeline has also struggled with acid reflux and absolutely refuses to sleep flat on her back. We bought a Rock-n-Play sleeper and it has been a God send. I'm picturing her now at 2 years old with her chunky legs dangling off the end, still refusing to sleep in a crib. :) But whatever makes them happy, right?

  2. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and love it. I have a new little baby about the same age as Lulla Cate (my little guy was born on the 25 May). We just did the dreaded shots too - not fun. It's wonderful hearing about your little one, while having one the same age.

    Love your little disclaimer too!!

  3. So sweet! It is so lovely for you that she is sleeping through the night, my 4 month old hasn't learned we are all happier if he sleeps. :) And I just have to mention I didn't earn any gold stars! I am also now following, I found your blog through Tales of a Real Housewife.

  4. A disclaimer? Lol!!!! This woman is crazy! Who in the hell does this family think they are? Apparently the husband doesn't have a say in anything because if i was a man and was married, i would be so embarrassed and appalled about the shallowness of these posts and this fantasy-driven life! How shallow can one be?!?!?!