Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Archives: Swim Lessons

Kids are heading back to school. The local pool has reduced its hours to weekends only. Mornings & evenings are bringing a slight temperature dip. And daylight hours are slowly but surely, shrinking. 

It all means one thing.

Summertime is closing up shop. Shutting its doors. Putting a Sorry We're Closed sign in the window. 

And that means, I've got a lot of catching up to do. I have let this blog of mine take a backseat over the summer. So many things have quickly transpired in the three months that lie behind me that I'm not sure a hefty chunk of it has even processed within me just yet. Priorities in my life took a shift & something that has always been important to me-- my quiet time, where I come to release the many thoughts pondering inside of me, had to be slid onto the back burner for a short time. It was necessary. And it's perfectly okay with me. But I must admit, I am anxious to get back. To slow down. To hear & process the moments that have grown me, expanded me, shaped me into more than I was just three months ago. I will get back. I will share so much. I will write to my heart's content. Soon.

But first, I've got to get crackin'. I've got to pull out my Summer Archives folder, thumb through the fun, & jot down some of the big & small happenings that took place throughout a smoldering three months of sweet summertime. They are memories--& not just any old summer memories--they are ours. And they must be scribbled in--before Summer comes to an end...officially. 

First up: Swim Lessons

Alright, I wasn't going to say anything. But I have to. I can't stand it. I can't risk that one day my little boy is going to look at this photo & say "MOM! What in the world were you thinking letting me sport that Dumb & Dumber haircut?!" Sorry kid, Amy {you know her as "Mimi"} was out of the country & a stranger gave you one heck of a botched up hair-do. Trust me, I didn't even want to let you out of the house--but Daddy said we had to. 

Daddy did the honors this year... for a couple of reasons. #1. I just had a baby & my body ain't in no shape to be flaunting around in a bathing suit. #2. Jared missed swim lessons altogether last year so he was eager to take on the evening session this year & make up for it.

Jett polished up on some of the skills he learned last year--blowing bubbles, kicking his feet, floating on his belly, scaling the edge of the pool. Easy peasy.

And he even took on a few new skills this year----floating on his back, scooping water with his hands & his favorite--jumping off the side of the pool into Daddy's arms.

But there was one skill, I'll have you know, that our Jett man was having no part of....

Going under that water. 

Notice Jett's perfectly dry hair

He fought, clawed, cried, tried to escape & gave the dirtiest looks he could muster up in an attempt to keep that head of his dry. Kid's got determination.

So it wasn't the year he grew gills or swam laps or glided around the pool like a fish.

And we're okay with that.

Because we know our little boy. We know that when he's good & ready {& not a minute before}, he'll dunk his face under that water & he'll go for a swim.

Until then, we'll just sit back & admire those long,drippy eyelashes.


  1. Jett is always cute!!! I'm curious, what kind of camera do you have? We are planning to get one before my little miss gets here in a few months. Your pictures are always amazing :)

    1. Hi Catie! We have a Canon Rebel xsi & I LOVE it! I definitely recommend it. It takes some time getting used to a DSLR but it is definitely worth the investment =) Let me know if you have any other questions!