Friday, August 10, 2012

the little things

It's the little things...

* My morning coffee--Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla. A splash of Creme' Brulee creamer. One Splenda. Served up in my favorite pretty cup.

* Frequent Grandma visits-- Play-doh. Arts & craft time. Jeep rides. Shopping. Talks til 2 a.m. {me & mom--not the kids}. Sure, we've had a whole gob of doctors' appointments to buzz here & there to, but the down time in between has been sweet.

* New jammies. I'm getting better, but if you skimmed through my dresser, you'd see I've got one crazy serious addiction to pajamas. I don't know why--they just make me happy. And cozy. And who could have too much happy & cozy?

* Home cooked meals. Life lately has been a whirlwind for us & we have found ourselves tucked inside the booth of our favorite mexican restaurant, downing chips & salsa or in line at a fast food joint, carting home greasy hamburgers much too often. I hate that. Fast food, restaurant food, food not prepared at home makes me feel blah after awhile. I need fresh ingredients--garlic, onion, basil, parmesan. I need the mess. I need the around the table togetherness. I need the "This is good, babe." from my husband. I'm back in the kitchen & it feels good.
Lasagna Soup recipe here. {I make it without the cheesy yum--I'm not a fan of gooey, gunky cheese, but if that's your thing, go for it.}

* Brother/Sister love. That he now asks, " I hold Sissy?" instead of "I hold it?" She's not an "it" any longer. She has made it to sister status in his mind. I love that.

* Homemade cookies straight out of the oven. Sorry, no photo of the finished product--those puppies didn't stand a chance. You should have seen the four of us, huddled around the oven, waiting for the timer to go off. We got em' while they were warm & gooey & we saw no point in transferring them from the cookie sheet to the cooling rack. Oh, one question... if you bribe your child with chocolate chip cookies in order to get them to eat a healthy, well balanced the cookies then cancel out the healthy dinner? Just wondering. 

Crisp, clean sheets on the bed, the school supplies section at Target, a much needed drop in evening temperatures. Tell me, what little things are brightening your world on this lovely Friday?

Happy Weekend!


  1. It's the cookies! I'm baking some as I type. Evie has been yelling at the oven because she's dying to eat one.

    I'm praying for your family, too!

  2. Nice haircut on that poor kid! Not cute in the least! Maybe desperate housewife should drop the ugly coffe mug and focus more on that poor kids' hair! Lol! And when she is complete with that get a life! Although it is very entertaining in the humorous sense! :) What next?!?! Lol!

  3. You know what's funny "anonymous"? She's definitely winning in your little attack against her...You have taken time out of your (obviously miserable) life to comment on several posts of her blog, you'll never get that time back, and you're not affecting her in the least. She is loved, and apparently you are not! Poor hateful soul...hope you find God and be at peace with your life before the devil takes you down with him.

    1. Jenni--you are sweet to come out with guns blazing on my behalf! But don't let it get to you. It's not worth it. I am loved by the Lord Jesus Christ. I am his beloved & HE is my defender. He will not allow me to be treated this way. I have peace in that. Just pray that this individual can find some kind of peace.