Thursday, September 20, 2012

two and a half

he's two & a half.

loves cookies

has a sweet tooth that's outta this world

gets a skinned knee every other day

loves his "wulla cate"

is obsessed with band-aids

counts to ten

knows his abc's {has yet to sing the entire song for me, but fills in every single letter i purposely leave out}

loves buzz & woody

giggles at peppa pig

asks for fries for breakfast, lunch & dinner

makes my heart stop because of his dare-devilish antics

gives me fits about eating meals {unless it's fries, of course}

would live outside if i'd allow it

tests my patience

causes my heart to melt

 is momma's helper

daddy's sidekick

hates to share

burps loudly

is 100% completely potty trained {can i get a what what?!}

loves cars, trains & motorcycles--anything with wheels & has the ability to go fast

runs naked after his bath

spends hours swinging on his swing-set

calls the tail on any animal "poop"

 keeps me on my toes

energizes my day

adds spice to my life

 lights up every single day of my life

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