Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Docka Jett

Little man's imagination is really coming alive here lately. He is all about the pretend play & is figuring out there's a ton of fun to be had when that little imagination of his is being put to use.

Sometimes he flings open the baby gate, heads down the stairs, giving a quick "Bye, guys" as he tells us he's going to Hy-Vee to pick up Lucky Charms & orange juice. He comes back moments later, a proud-as-punch look across his face, exclaiming "I got it".

Sometimes he lets us know our cars need filling up & that he'll "be right back" because he's off to get gas.

But his most favorite thing to pretend play {& my most favorite to witness} is "Docka Jett" 

{Translation: Doctor Jett}.

This kid gets into full character, never overlooking even a single detail. He pulls a white t-shirt from Daddyboy's closet to use as his doctor's coat. He comes barreling down in the hall with his oversized kit of doctor supplies. He lays out a blanket for his sick patients. And then he brings them in one by one, lining each of his patients in the order they will be seen--a green monkey, a monkey that wears underwear, & a little sister.

I love Lulla's face. "And just what the heck do you plan on doing with that thing?"

Out of all of his sick patients, she is his favorite. Bless her heart, she's such a good sport.

His doctor demeanor cracks me up. He is so serious. He examines in great detail, asks how his patients feel, checks temperatures & "bwud pwessa" {that's blood pressure in non two year old terms}. And even though he gives me dirty looks when I laugh, I can't help it. It just strikes me funny that he knows exactly what each instrument is called & what to do with it. We've never taught him this stuff. 

For the most part, he has a very gentle bedside manner. We've had to have a few talks here & there about being especially tender with baby sister. He just couldn't figure out why it was wrong to put that tongue suppressor to use & get a good gag out of Lulla. We've had several talks about pretending what that means. Sometimes he seems to understand & other times he still goes for the ol' gag reflex. 

It's the same thing with shots. He thinks they need to hurt. Good thing Lulla is extra squishy.

Lulla hates shots.--real ones & pretend ones.

So this part is hilarious. And he never forgets to do it at least once while in "Docka Jett" character.

His kit came with this orange plastic beeper & when that thing goes off, he whips it around, looks at it & announces aloud, "I got a page".  

This kid is the real deal.

Once Dr. Jett has checked temperature & blood pressure, listened to a heartbeat & lungs, administered shots & medicine, he announces, "All better" & gives his patient a clean bill of health. But not before pulling a band-aid from his stash & sticking it in the most random spot, of course.

It's hard to say just yet if our Jett Jett is a real doctor in the making or not.

But I do believe he's on to something. I mean, he runs that pager like a boss.


  1. Hi Holly. I've been reading your blog for about a year now. You are an amazing writer. Wish I could keep up on my blog, but I love to read about others going through the same things we are. I just about spit out my morning coffee when I saw Jett checking his pager. Too funny!! Your kids are adorable!

    1. Hi Angie! Thank you so much for your compliments about my writing & my kiddos! You are sweet. Blogging has become such a great way for me to unwind at the end of the day--& a great way to capture all of our silly & funny & fleeting. But I too, realize how hard it can be to keep up with, especially with two little ones. Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day!

      Thanks so much for saying hello! It's always fun to meet new readers.