Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Is Here

The Fall fairy fluttered in for a little visit this past weekend. 

First things first, I first had to give her a piece of my mind. After all, she was late. According to my watch, the official start to Autumn was last weekend. Geez, what a slacker.

But then she rattled off something about a sore throat & feeling under the weather & a four month old who is keeping her up all hours of the night & I couldn't help but cut the gal some slack. So on we moved, the two of us, sprinkling & sprucing & vamping up the house. We made some good progress, Fall Fairy & me.

Leaves + berries + white twinkle lights = warm fuzzies. 

The first of many batches of this stuff. Homemade chicken soup. 

A stack of firewood & marshmallow skewers. Big plans for these babies. But you'll have to stay tuned for that...

A holiday glow. 

Pumpkin flavored everything. This coffee is so delicious I could drink it straight black. But why would I go & do something silly like that when I can dump in some Pumpkin Spice creamer & make it twice the delight? 

Fall, we welcome you.

What's Fall without a pretty front porch? Granted, we need mums, hay bales, pumpkins & pretty ribbons. But corn stalks are a start.

I love the transformation that takes place, just by a simple switch in home decor. All of a sudden we're cozied up under thick cable knit blankets, we're slurping steamy soups & we're mapping out our favorite fall activities--like pumpkin patches & Halloween get-togethers. A piping hot mug of apple cider simply wouldn't taste the same amongst the pinks & greens of summer. So we stash all that away & drag out the Autumn hues of oranges, yellows & golds. And all of a sudden, a couch seems cozier, a soup a bit heartier & a fire a little toastier. 

We've got a little more fluttering to do around here-- some crafting, some decorating, some sprucing & sprinkling. And just like the gentle changing of leaves, our home is transforming before our eyes. 

Fall is here.


  1. I love the feel of Fall in our house!! Thanks Pippa for making things so festive.

  2. Hi! I love your personalized pumpkins! Can you tell me where you ordered them from?

    Thanks, Melissa

    1. Hi Melissa! My mother-in-law purchased & painted the pumpkins at a local pottery painting shop. I'm not sure where your location is, but I know from past experience that if you are looking for a certain piece, it can usually be ordered from just about any place that carries pottery. If you are in the Kansas City area, the place they were done is called Paint, Glaze & Fire. Good luck! Let me know if I can further help you!

  3. Thanks so much for the reply. I am actually all the way out in California in the city of Bakersfield. :) I stumbled upon your blog while on maternity leave back in May. Our little guy was born on May 31st. It has been fun reading the thoughts of another mommy with a baby born at about the same time. You have inspired me with all of your fun and creative ideas. I hope to make lots of them too with my hubby and our sweet baby Ben. Again thanks for getting back to me. Take care. :)