Monday, October 8, 2012

In Your Face, Monday! {Giveaway}

It's Monday. 

And in true Monday fashion, it has started off with a bang. Pee soaked bedding. Pee soaked two year old. Pee soaked pillows, blankets, comforter, stuffed animals. Seriously? Seriously. How he managed to pee on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is beyond me. The moment my feet hit the floor this morning, it was a race to get Jett man in the tub & everything off his bed & stuffed into the washer to be laundered.

I don't know about you, but thats just the way Monday rolls around here.

So how 'bout a change of pace? How 'bout a dash of fun to get this week steered back in the right direction. How 'bout it?

I'm thinkin'....


Heather & Courtney, owners of etsy shops, feather hencoverLove have a really neat story & when I read how their worlds connected & how their shops were birthed, I was truly touched. Neighbors. Friends. Navy wives. I can almost picture the two of them in my head--sipping coffee, corralling their children, building this friendship while their husbands are on a submarine out to sea somewhere. 

What I love most about their story is what they did with their blooming friendship. They shared their hopes & dreams, recognized one another's creativity & hand in hand, they set out to make their goals a reality--together.

Friendship. Support. Creativity. I love everything about it. 

{Doesn't it make you want to put on a pot of coffee, invite your best gal pal over & take on the world together? It does, me.}

And while right now these two friends are busy working side my side, snipping fabric & stringing stitches while their kids are busy getting into mischief, they know that one day the inevitable will come knocking on their door. There will come a day when their military households will be separated & working side by side will no longer be feasible. So that's why they have created TWO etsy shops--feather hencoverLove--so that when the day comes that one or both of them must relocate, they are each able to take a "branch" of what they have built together & continue to grow it.  

Don't you love that? 

If you think their story is sweet, then wait til' you take a look at the stuff these two are whipping up-- 'cause it's pretty sweet, too! 

And it gets even sweeter, peeps. They have chosen my blog to give away one of their beautiful pillow cover creations to NOT ONE, but TWO of my lucky readers! You will get your choice of pillow cover from either shop!

So here's how you enter to win:
1) Like BOTH of their facebook pages

2) Tell ME in a comment on THIS post that you liked both facebook pages.

That's it! Easy peasy!

And just for a few of the pillow covers I'm eye balling for my own entryway!

Winner will be announced Friday.

Take that, Monday!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to switch the laundry over ;)


  1. I did it! SUCH CUTE STUFF! Love it all!

    P.S. Hope your Monday gets better soon!!

    <3 ya' -Ronni Buntain

  2. Liked & Liked! And honestly LOVE those beautiful pillows and their sweet story! :)

  3. I liked both of their pages. Love the story especially since I am a military brat and moving on Sunday. Hope I have a cool neighbor I can craft with.

  4. Woohoo. Liked both pages. How exciting, thanks for sharing.

  5. I liked both pages!!! And I love these pillows! Hope my name gets drawn!

  6. I liked both pages on FB! :) Cute stuff!!

  7. liked both pages!!! love their story!!!! and love their creations! =)

  8. We are having major pee issues here, too! :(

  9. Love their super cute things!! Liked them both :)

  10. Holly.. my fb post is about laundry! I've been there done that little boy soaked sheets thing! Not fun! Love Lullas 4 month pic of her and her hat!!! Also like both pgs and love those pillows! Wondering if its something I could do but too afraid to try and mess it up! :-/ hope your Monday gets better! We will miss all the laundry someday I'm sure! Lol :-)

  11. Liked both pages! Thank you for inspiring other stay at home mommies to find their crafty side!

  12. Liked both pages

  13. Liked both pages! Cheers to Mondays!

  14. Liked both of their pages :)

  15. I liked their pages!! :)

  16. OMG! I freakin love both of these FB pages, so cute and shabby chic. Thank you for sharing them. My favorites are the Gray and White Chevron patterened pillow and the Family pillow (I NEED BOTH for my new married life) LOL

    Thanks again for sharing, I hope your Monday is on the HAPPY UP RISE! :) Kim Brown

  17. How fun Holly!! Sorry about your mess this morning, it's so hard to start a day off like that. I liked both on FB :)

  18. How fun! I liked both and would love a chance to win something pretty for our home....2 little ones seems to suck the decorator-self out of me...I'm hoping it will find it's way back to me sometime soon!

  19. OK..I LOVED them..Does that count??? No seriously I clicked the like button for both..I really think you & I should win these, Holly..(hand's down) Let me tell you a little about my MONDAY..I get to work this am and two out of three of my co-workers are out say the least I worked my little tail off today..(well my tail is a not really little, it's much bigger than I would like but whatever..I worked it off, so now it should be a tad bit smaller) LOL Talk about multi-tasking...Now let somebody beat our day Holly..Just let them try...he..he..
    Love you and Love your blog...

    Aunt Kathy

  20. I Did!!! love it!! Robin M!!! :)

  21. Is it too late to reply. I liked both pages on Monday & thought I replied but guess it didn't take. LOVE the pillows. Hope you are having a good week.

    Jennifer Peterman

  22. like both on fb Julie A Scott Laws