Monday, October 22, 2012

Lulla Cate {Five Months Old}

This lil' pumpkin is five months old today.

{arm rolls & cheeks & lips...oh, my!}

And besides sitting perched inside a pumpkin looking absolutely irresistible, here's what she's up to lately:

* I think she may be teething. She goes to town gnawing on those fists & we recently busted out the bibs because her clothing is constantly soaked in drool. Hyland's teething tabs have made it to best friend status.

* She does this new squealing/ screeching thing when she's extremely happy. We heart it.

* Little Miss isn't big on crowds. A couple of people, maybe three...she can handle that. But go & add several strange faces to the mix & you're going to see a puffy bottom lip poking out at ya.

* When Papa comes to visit or when we go to visit him, he always takes Lulla on a stroll outdoors to look at the leaves. He's nurtured inside this little girl, a full blown love for leaves. Every time we are out in nature, she locks eyes on the rustle of leaves from above & simply gazes in wonder.

* The love of her life continues to be her big brother. I hope this doesn't change for a long, long time.

* We have approximately five big hissyfits a day out of this one. All for the same reason: having her bottle taken away mid-way for a burp. Don't mess with girlfriend's food or girlfriend's gonna lose her mind. And let me tell you, this chica can put on a show. But have no fear. When brother is near, he skips in & saves the day. As soon as he comes to her rescue, the wailing ceases & is replaced with a grin that smears across her face. It is seriously like magic. And seriously sweet.

* I caught her trying to scoot the other day. I know, it's too early for her to go trying to grow up on me--I won't have it. She was on her belly, trying with all her might to inchworm her way forward. And I did what every good mother does. I rolled her to her back. None of that, little missy. You have to stay little.

* Forget the baby swing, the bouncy seat, the play gym, the mobile in her crib, the rattle toys. This wee one would ditch every bit of baby entertainment she's got in this house & trade it in for Momma's hip. And most of the time, that's where you can find her. Oh my stars, she's rotten.

{Girlfriend knows how to work those lips, doesn't she?}

Life with our sweet baby Lulla is better than we ever could have dreamed.

She is most definitely the spice inside our pumpkin.


  1. These are too too much, girl! The pictures make me so happy.

  2. So so cute, I cannot believe she's already 5 months old!