Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lulla Cate {Four Months Old}

Another month gone. Just like that. It's going much too fast for my liking.

Here's what's new:

{Adorable hat was a gift from my dear friend, Amy. It came all the way from Peru!}

Little Miss is no longer sleeping in her swing in our room. She started a phase of getting fussy when I'd put her in the swing for her naps so I tried the crib one afternoon. She snoozed & snoozed so peacefully so I decided at that point to switch over completely for all naptimes. Then one evening we just made the big transition & tried it overnight. We are now going on week two & she is doing fantastic in her baby crib! Here I worry, I fret, I stew--it's what I do. I freak out about the slightest change in routines & schedules. And then, whatta ya know?  It always works out in the end. Every single time. You'd think I would learn. We do have to occasionally go in during the night to pop a binky in {I am beginning to have a love/hate relationship with that binky}, but other than that it has been smooth sailin'.

The binky isn't the only thing our girl become quite attached to. She's also taken quite the liking to a certain pink blankey. And not just any pink blankey--a very special one. But that's a different story for a different day. That story gets a blog post of its own. Coming soon!

{I realize some people photoshop bubbles out of baby's mouths. Not me. I heart those bubbles.}

Guess who her favorite person in the whole world is right now? I'll give you a hint--it isn't me & it isn't Daddy. You guessed it--big brother. That too, is a whole story of it's own, but let me just say, the girl is smitten with him. She watches his every single move. If she is fussy, it's Jett I summon to come & cheer her up. And sure enough, once she lays eyes on him, the crying comes to a halt & her face lights up with a great big grin. There is so much beauty to behold in their blossoming relationship.

Her sweet, juicy baby lips sure do draw this girl a lot of attention. The number one question I get asked by friends & strangers is how in the world I can resist kissing those lips of hers every second of the day. The answer is, I can't. This baby gets smothered in kisses all the day long. Can you blame me? 


Our Lulla baby has a giggle that will melt you into a straight puddle. I'm tellin' ya, it has to be one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. It comes from her belly up & is often provoked by a big brother who is in his own little world, doing the usual--you know, donkey kicks & jumping off of furniture.

We recently had her four month check-up {I'm happy to report she didn't give us near the "what for" after this round of shots. But she did run a fever the whole next day & needed lots of extra Momma snuggles}.

Here's where she weighed in: 13.5 pounds--50th%
                                             24.5 length-- 50th%

 {I know, I have an obsession with baby toes. I'm sorry, but one day these toes will grow & I will miss their tiny-ness. I must capture it.}

As much as I want to dig in my heels & keep my darling baby girl from growing another month more, another part of me is enjoying her so much more as each day passes & I can't wait to see how much more her little life will bless this family in the days/months/years to come. 

She is my sunshine, my joy, my sweet little four month old Lulla Cate.


  1. She is our precious little girl growing up way too fast! I love those lips, bubbles, her laugh, EVERYTHING about her!

  2. She is just precious Holly! I can't wait to hold my sweet baby girl in my arms :)

    1. Thank you, Catie! I am so excited for you! Not too much longer =)