Friday, November 30, 2012

Lulla Cate {Six Months Old}

Six months old.

Gah. How can an entire half year possibly be gone? It just doesn't seem possible. And since I can't freeze time like I so yearn to do, I'm going to have to settle for simply capturing it here on my blog.

She turned six months old on Thanksgiving day. I found a crown of feathers to be completely necessary. 

She's a mess, this one. Oh mercy, she is coming into her own & let me tell you--she's got some big personality.

* First things first--she's not a people person. Hates crowds. Doesn't like anyone to look at her. Don't even think about picking her up. And just go ahead & try touching her--I dare you. She takes her time warming up to even her grandparents. And even then, once she's become settled & somewhat comfortable, she still scans the room, looking for her momma. I find myself apologizing to nearly everyone reassuring them, "It's not you. Don't be offended. It's just who she is". But really, I can't help but love that she is her own little individual self & this cling-to-her-momma phase she's going through right now? I sort of love it.

Homegirl even has rolls on her ankles. Irresistible, she is.

* She is just on the verge of sitting up on her own. A couple of weeks ago my parents were visiting & I mentioned in passing that I know of a few babies who are younger than Lulla that are already completely sitting up on their own. At that point Lulla wasn't anywhere near sitting on her own & I was just a little concerned. My dad just casually answered me, "Well...she would have to be put down in order to learn to sit up..." 


Which leads me to the next update on Miss Thang...

* She wants to be held. Every. Second. Of. The. Day. And that's impossible. But she still has no problem making her requests known. We are trying to break this little expectation {& habit} as of late, because it has certainly gotten out of control. We are working on teaching her that a baby swing, bumbo & bouncy seat are not forms of abuse. Oh, but she'd be glad to tell you otherwise.

* She's a little snuggle bug if I've ever seen one. She buries her head into Momma & Daddy's neck & nuzzles until she finds a cozy spot. She lays her head on our shoulder. She insists on being rocked before every nap & bedtime. She is squishy, cuddly & squeezy soft & God made her absolutely perfect for snuggling.

* Just the other evening, Jett came running up to Jared & me, exclaiming, "Sissy said BUH-BUH!" Sure enough, she said it. And continues to say it all of the time. And looks around the room for Jett when she says it. Could it be? That "Bubba" is her very first word? Oh, be still my soul.

This little six month girl is my joy, my sunshine, my pouty lipped & chubby cheeked little angel. Just yesterday I tip-toed into her room to check on her during naptime & when I glanced over the railing of her crib, I was overwhelmed that the sweet baby girl laying there--with her dark hair & curly eyelashes is actually mine. She's mine. 

James 1:17--Every good & perfect gift is from above.

Thank you, Lord for the gift of our six month old Lulla girl. What a little love she is.

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