Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Catch-all

It was twinkly & bright, merry & magical--for the most part.

I vowed when I found out that we would be moving on December 27th, that I wouldn't let the move overshadow Christmas. I wanted to be caught up in carrying out favorite traditions--like baking sugar cookies & laying by the fire watching Christmas movies--not packing boxes & staring at bare walls. Jared put up lights on the outside of the house knowing full well that they'd have to be taken down the day following Christmas. And I spruced up the house the way I always do, even though I knew it would be short lived. We decided we weren't going to skimp on the details of Christmas 2012.

A Christmas Catch-all:

Crown Center Christmas with our great friends.
We ate greasy burgers at Fritz's, followed by watching our littles frolic & play underneath a heaven of twinkle lights. We had plans for ice skating but the kids could have cared less about it & chose rather, to jump & play atop the oversized wooden toys in the courtyard. Each of our children cried when it was time to leave & Jared & I, we couldn't help but smile. 'Cause when the kids cry at closing know it's been a good time.

Christmas chevron.
If you're the type to shudder at matchy-matchy-ness, you may want to look away now. I've got to coordinate their holiday clothing while I can still get away with it.

Family {heart}.

Christmas Eve.
We bake cookies. We crank carols. We put  Christmas Vacation & Elf  on repeat. We roll dough for cinnamon rolls. We deliver treats to neighbors. We snuggle into new jammies. And it is so, so good. Christmas Eve will forever be my favorite day of the entire Christmas season.

Cookies for Santa

I'm pretty sure these cinnamon rolls have become Jared's favorite part of Christmas. The man stands by the oven waiting for the timer to sound & before I even have time to whip up the icing, he has already polished off an entire pan. No lie.

This kid has no shame. He is so trying to snag Santa's cookie. Busted.

 Annual Christmas Eve jammies

Santa was here. 

Christmas morning.
The sleepy eyes. The anticipation. The bubbly excitement. I love being a momma--especially on Christmas morning.

Santa came through--with a piano.

And this photo because his wicked bedhead makes me laugh.

 Jared trying out his new Keurig

Lulla & her new dolly

 A "Super-Jett" costume

There were times our Christmas season got hectic. Scratch that. There were times it got down right crazy & I felt like the weight of the world was pressing on my chest. It was a lot--trying to be in the Christmas moments all while loading boxes & batting away the reminder that everything in our little comfort zone was about to be turned upside down, changed forever.

But we did it. And I may not be posting my Christmas blog until January 11th because it was indeed such an insane whirlwind of a time, but what matters is that I'm posting it. That amidst the busy-ness, the I'm-so-overwhelmed-I-feel-like-I-can't-breathe, chaotic times--there are still twinkly, bright, merry & magical memories to scribble into our memory book.

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  1. I loved our whirlwind!! Thanks Pippa for capturing all of our precious memories!!!