Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Things

Last Saturday we woke up to a whole bunch of snow & a whole bunch of snot. Blech. Two sick kiddos with buckets of snot & barking coughs paired with eight inches of snow they can't go outside & play in can become a momma's worst nightmare...

or an opportunity to go into denial get creative. 

So I don't know about all of you, but Spring? It was popping up all over the place here at our house.

Snow? What snow?

Birdhouse Painting:

Bahama Blue. That's the color he wanted to paint his birdhouse. One thing's for sure, it'll stand out. I'm positive it'll be the most coveted little birdie residence on the block. 

Homemade Bird Feeders:

A house painted in the loudest of turquoise and a tree dripping in birdfood? Forget flying south. If the birds are smart, they'll figure out our place is where it's at.


"Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail". It's the only song being sung in our house these days. Jett makes me sing all the verses & he has memorized almost every word. He pushes a cart full of eggs around the house. He hops when going from one room to the next. When we aren't singing the Peter Cottontail song, we are reading the Peter Cottontail book & when we aren't reading the Peter Cottontail book, we are watching the Peter Cottontail show {it's a show on Nick Jr that he loves--excpet the fact that they don't show the face of the gardner in the show. Oh, he gets ticked off that he can't see that man's face.}  It's safe to say, he's obsessed with Peter Cottontail.

But what's Peter Cottontail without a cotton tail?

So the other night after his bath, I stuck a tail on him. And we laughed until we cried.

Yep, he put his own undies on...backwards.

It's Spring here, so of course we have baby bunnies, too.

Sweet Treats:

He dumped & poured, measured & stirred. He cut out the cute little bunny & egg shaped Rice Krispies treats. But when it came time to eat them? Not a chance. How does this kid, the one who will eat anything if it's got a coat of sweet on it, not like a good old fashioned Rice Krispies treat? I'm stumped.


Did you know...that if you plant a handful of magic jelly beans in the ground, then go in for your hour & a half afternoon nap, you will wake up to find...

a lollipop garden?

It's true. It totally works. Go try it.

We managed to keep ourselves entertained. In spite of snow & snot, we made the most of the week & we did Spring things. We brightened up our sick/snow days.

But let me tell ya, yesterday & today, when the sky opened up & poured down it's sunshine, I almost leapt for joy, I was so happy. I grabbed the kids & out the door we went to soak up every bit of outdoor adventure we could.

I know with all my heart that the Lord knew stir crazy was a brewin' & he reached down & gave this momma a great big hug. In fact, he hugged me the whole day through. The sunshine. The two different friends that unexpectedly, in their own ways, came alongside me, offering encouragement & words I so desperately needed to hear. The laughter. The breath of fresh air--both literally & figuratively. He reminded me just how much He loves me. He loves me when I doubt it. He loves me when I resist it. He loves me when I don't love Him enough. He loves me in the most unexpected & perfectly timed ways. He loves me through a sunny day & an understanding friend. He loves me & there's absolutely no denying that.

And this weekend, as we enter into the biggest celebration that could ever be celebrated--the Lord Jesus Christ, a risen savior-- my Risen Savior--I feel so blessed to know Him--the one who died for me, the one who shed His blood for me, the one who reminds me exactly when I need it, just how unfailing His love is for me.

I can't think of a Spring thing that tops that.


  1. I am sure the birds will be lovin your house. I love the beautiful blue color he chose. Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Looking for an update. Hope everything is okay with your family.

    1. Please forgive me for neglecting my blog & faithful readers. The past 6-7 months have been quite a challenge for myself & my family & I have felt the need to take a step back from my blog. I am happy to say that we are finally in a lighter, brighter season of life & I am excited to spend more time here at happenings of our home. Thank you so much for your concern for myself & my family--you have no idea how much that means to my heart!

  3. I started reading your blog a few months ago, and have enjoyed your gentle stories about your growing family. There has been no news for a while now, and I am worried about your family and hoping that everyone is okay! Maybe you are just busy taking care of your young family, but please reassure your readers. Or let us send our prayers if you need them.

    1. Stephanie, thank you so much for your sincere concern for my family! That means so much to me. Please accept my apologies for leaving you & the rest of my readers high & dry. It has been a challenging season of life & I have needed to take time to just breathe. I am finally beginning to feel the "heaviness" of this season lifting & I hope to spend more time here at happenings of our home. Thank you so very much for reaching out!