Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Funnies

St. Patrick's Day was just all around funny at our house this year. 

I woke up Saturday morning, eager to get the festivities rollin' for the kiddos. I started by pulling outfits of green from their closets. Nothing fancy--a jet plane shirt & Mater socks for Jett & the only green article of clothing I could find in Lulla's closet--a hand-me-down, six month sized Carter's shirt that was two sizes too small.  But hey, they were dressed {before noon} & festive & this momma was feeling accomplished.

Next, I grabbed my bag of supplies & set out to string a rainbow of yarn throughout the house #pinterestdoesitagain. {Oh boy, did I seriously just hash tag in my blog post? I swear, I am beginning to think in hash tags. #socialmediaisfryingmybrain.} A twisty, turvy, zig-zaggy rainbow that would eventually end in a pot of golden chocolate coins. 

Jett's eyes lit up when he came down the stairs to find sea of colors covering the entire downstairs living area. He winded & gathered & wadded up yarn into his fist & used every bit of self-discipline he had to not simply ditch the ball of yarn & run to where he could clearly see the rainbow's end. Finally, his perseverance paid off & little man struck gold. 

Together, Jett & Lulla sat on a rainbow & tallied up their coins. And all was swell.


little sister decided that one lousy gold coin wasn't gonna cut it. And two lousy gold coins weren't gonna cut it, either. Girlfriend set sights on the whole pot. 

After a little coaxing, he lets her have the the whole pot. But only for a second.  Then he snatches it back.

Homegirl ain't goin' down without a fight. Look at her holding on to that pot of gold.

If looks could kill.

What these pictures don't show, probably because my eyes were bugging out of my head & my jaw was on the floor & I was asking my husband, "How does she know how to do THAT?!", was that when little miss Lulla Cate's hissy-fit failed to work it's charm on her big brother, she took a swing at him--swatted him good, right in the arm. Oh. boy. howdy. This girl is a handful. 

The pot o' gold tizzy concluded when we found out that Lulla didn't want the whole pot of gold-- just a fistful of it. And Jett was as happy as a little leprechaun to share that with her--after all, there was still plenty left over for him to have a chocolate coin breakfast. 

So there. Despite alligator tears & sibling brawls, it turned out to be a pretty good St. Patty's Day.


I came to the realization that it wasn't really St. Patrick's Day. That I had just celebrated, done the whole darn sha-bang, a day early. Oops. Hopefully the kids won't be scarred for life. 

Ya see there? Now you can understand why I've not blogged in almost a month & perhaps you'll bear with me. My brain has been a fuzzy/foggy mess & I am not operating at full steam these days. I've been in a little funk over the past month-- fevers, flus, colds, house decorating drama--it's all been a little overwhelming. But I promise, I'm crawling myself out of my little funk, I'm dusting off & I'm getting on with it. More blogging to come. 



  1. LOL!!! I feel the same way lately! Just getting to bedtime some days is all I can do :)