Friday, August 9, 2013

End Of Summer Happenings

Summertime is up to one of it's old tricks again; trying to skirt on out of here before we're ready to say farewell.

Summertime.  You gotta watch that guy.

Thought I'd share a few of our end of summer happenings while we're busy clenching onto what's left. Brace yourselves. A photo dump of sorts is about to ensue.

Swim Lessons:
Some friends of ours raved about the swim lessons they'd attended at a gymnastics/swim school, & since the past couple of years of lessons have kind of been a waste for us, we decided to give this place a shot. Best time/money ever spent. The classes were led by an instructor who clearly knows her stuff & where parents are not allowed in the pool, but can observe from outside the fence {which in my opinion is genius}. Before these lessons, Jett would have nothing to do with water being in his face. After these lessons, he swims & does so completely underwater. I could not be more impressed...with the swim school & my Jett Jett.

Baby, baby!
My sister in law is pregnant with her first baby--a girl {!!!} & we had so much fun celebrating her & that sweet baby bump at her shower a few weeks ago. Isn't she a beautiful momma-to-be? We are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of this baby & cannot wait to let the spoiling begin! This little one will make Jared & I a first time aunt & uncle so yeah, we're just a tad excited about that!

What, it's not Halloween yet?
Dress up. Dress up. Dress up. This kid goes through a dozen costumes a day. Oh & Sissy & I? We're forced to play along. Just wait til the princess dresses start rolling in. Paybacks, my boy. Paybacks.

Those Summer Nights:
My brother came over for dinner the other evening & we spent the latter part of the day, like every other summer evening, in our backyard. This particular night we got a mean game of wiffle ball going & though I hated to make my husband eat his words of "Hey Holly, are you sure you don't need us to set up a T for you?" somebody had to put him in his place. So I cranked that white, plastic ball {best hit of the night, might I add} , landing the sucker in the neighbors yard, with a dent smashed in the side of it. So yeah, no T necessary, Jared. Perhaps a few back up balls, but definitely no T.  As you can see, I'm still strutting my stuff. ;)

Since I'd outdone him in wiffle ball, he had to show off & jump the fence as if it were a hurdle. He forgets he isn't twenty anymore.

It was our turn to make the summer haul to visit our friends this year, so we packed up the kids & ventured five hours to Oklahoma for a weekend of great friends, great food & great fun.

 Pic-nicing at the lake

 Our sweet friends set up an entire day of fun for us out on the lake. This kid was in heaven on the jet skis & hasn't stopped talking about them since we returned home.
 Need for speed.

These two will never know a summer without one another. I love that.

County Fair:
You know I can't pass up a county fair. I went every year as a child & our kids will do the same. This year we went two nights in a row & I think it's safe to say, it plum tuckered us out & we are officially FAIRED OUT {until next year, of course}.

Little Lulla was too small for the rides this year, but had plenty of fun walking Grandma all over every square inch of the fairgrounds.

These faces. Sheer delight!

He hates cotton candy. Asks for it every year. Then calls it "fuzzy". Lulla hated it, too.

As we were leaving the fair the final night, the kids were taking one last look at the goats & this sweet girl walked up, knelt down & asked Jett ever so tenderly, "Would you like to come inside the pen with me & see my goats?" Jett was so excited & this young girl was just precious--with those goats & with my children. I walked away thankful for that little experience Jett was tucking away in his memory bank & hopeful that my own children will one day be so kind & generous at such a young age.

And though Summertime may have a different idea in mind, we aren't quite ready to call it a wrap just yet. We've got a few more summer happenings still to be had.

A big parade. A trip to the lake. The final week of the pool. 

So just skirt on back here, Summertime.


  1. I was way behind on your posts, but it's been fun to catch up! And thanks for the Seaside tips...that area has been one we've looked at too. I'm really glad you all are loving your neighborhood and your house is looking more and more like you Holly! You're right, it's a process, and if you go too fast you can end up making decisions you would like to change later. Miss you, lady!

    1. Thank you, friend! It was some of the great tips you sent my way to help me get out of my "funk" as far as decorating goes! We must plan a get together soon. I miss you too!