Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Itty Bitty Soccer

School last week.

Sports this week.

Who does this kid think he is, growing up on me? 

I mean, seriously.

Yo, Messi. You might want to move over. 'Cause there's a new soccer star in town.

Nah, I'm only kidding. We're not those parents--the ones grooming our three year old to be the next Pele or Cristiano Ronaldo {If you don't know who these guys are, just send your husband a text asking him who some of the big names in soccer are. Not that I did that or anything.}. We don't step out onto the field & size up the other three year old competition. Our kid isn't playing in a league & we aren't scoping out any club teams. If you're that parent & that tickles your fancy--rock on. Maybe it'll be us one day, if Jett discovers a deep down burning passion for the sport of soccer. But for the time being, we wanted his first taste of soccer to be nothing but fun

Which is why, the itty bitty soccer camp we signed Jett up for is a really great start for us. Four quick, thirty minute evening sessions of lighthearted soccer fun where Jett gets to try his fast, little feet at soccer.

He's taking in some basic fundamentals, like kicking with the inside of his foot & stopping the ball before he passes it. He's learning to listen to a coach & how to stand still in a line

Oh, & he's learning how to play a mean game of Red Light, Green Light.

We'll see where this soccer story of Jett's goes from here. For now, we are all enjoying the fun of it--Jett enjoying kicking up grass & Momma & Daddy enjoying our view from the sidelines.

 Who knows. Maybe Messi will be moving over for our soccer star, after all. ;)

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